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Minneapolis bathroom remodeling success stories from customers who chose acrylic bathtub liners and shower surrounds from BATH FITTER of Minnesota

Minneapolis Bath Remodeling Testimonials

Success Stories of Bathroom Renovations in as Little as One Day

Hear from happy customers throughout the Land of 10,000 Lakes who chose Minneapolis bathroom remodeling services from BATH FITTER of Minnesota.  From new shower surrounds to bathtub liners, our customers in Duluth, St. Paul, and everywhere in between swear by BATH FITTER quality.

Rosalie T. from Hastings, MN - June 2013

Bath Fitter completely removed a fiberglass master bath shower (25 yrs old) and reinstalled a new acrylic one with all new fixtures. They installed clear shower doors. They also completely removed a family bathroom fiberglass tub/shower combo (25 yrs old) and reinstalled a new acrylic tub/shower combination with all new fixtures and a new curved shower rod. Finish work involved capped edges around the wall surrounds and caulking all around. I had already refinished the vanity cabinets, put in new granite vanity tops, new light fixtures, new flooring, crown molding, and new sink faucets in these bathrooms. I had done these things relatively inexpensively. My bathrooms are small and I couldn't make them bigger, but I COULD dress them up and bring them up to date. The "old" fiberglass shower and tub/shower units just looked sorely out of place after the other things I had done. Bath Fitter also removed the wallboard behind the tub/shower and shower units and replaced them with new moisture resistant wallboard. They said that if mold existed behind the old tub/shower units, they would remove it all before installing the new units. (I didn't have any mold.) Before putting up the shower or tub wall surround, they checked the outside wall of the bathrooms to make sure the moisture barrier and insulation was proper. They told me that if it wasn't, they would let me know and they would fix it.

Jason Freeland, President/Owner of the Twin Cities Bath Fitter, came to my home to look at what I wanted to have done. It didn't take long to get an appointment. He was quick, professional, informative and answered all my questions that I had at that time. Jason was not pushy or didn't act disgusted when I didn't want to make my decision that day. I thought of more questions later which I wrote in an e-mail to Jason. I am very detailed and, to Jason's credit, he was patient and kindly responded to all my questions either by e-mail or by phone. (Never having met him, my daughters gave him an "A+" for patience because they know what kind of e-mails I can write at times!) I selected what I wanted and he worked up the price. What I didn't like was that before showing me the price, he asked me to tell him what I "thought the price was". I had no clue at the time. However, I researched things after he left and saw that other companies were either somewhat "in-line" with his price or "over" his price for what I was generally asking for. Bath Fitter had an excellent overall rating on Angie's List and that was my jumping off point for calling Bath Fitter. When Jason told me the initial price for the two bathrooms, I almost fell over, but in the end I got what I consider to be a very good product, done well and done quickly - - all these things were important to me. I was going to pay cash and not by credit card, so that made a little difference in the price. We did a little negotiating and there were some things "thrown in" here and there and the price ended up being $9,700 for the two bathrooms to be finished in two to three days after starting. The time was very important to me in that these were the only two bathrooms we had to operate out of besides a half bath One bathroom would be completely finished first and the other bathroom next. That way we had the use of one of the bathrooms while he was working on the other bathroom for the first day and a half.

The schedule was about 4 to 6 weeks out to start which was fine for me. Nate came to do the installation in the time slot given to me - 8 to 10 am. He addressed my concerns & questions and told me to ask any questions at any time. I did. Nate was patient and professional. I think he said he had been doing this for about 9 years. He finished everything in about 2½ days. Each day he cleaned up as well as he could and, on the last day, everything was pristine and beautiful. We had to wait 24 hours after each bathroom was done to use the shower or tub because the caulk needed to dry completely.

The Bath Fitter wall surrounds (many to choose from) have no seams in the corners - they are cut and “folded" according to the size of the tub or shower. This means there is no caulking needed in the inside corners which is a plus. The surround can also be cut as high or low as you would want it to be. The only caulking was around all the finished edges of the wall surround against the wall, also where the tub or shower base met the floor and around the area where the wall surround met the tub or shower base. An excellent job of caulking was a big deal to me because I had heard of and seen jobs that were lousy and it makes the entire finished product seem like a "cheap" product. Nate did an excellent job with the caulking. One reason I chose Bath Fitter was because I knew I didn't want a tile job done for the wall surround - been there and done that - - after a number of years, the grout and caulking can become an issue to deal with. Bath Fitter, for a price, will come back after a number of years if you want them to remove all the old caulk and replace it with new. They also give you a long list of cleaning products that "showed no harmful effects" when tested on Bath Fitter acrylic surfaces. That was helpful.

PRICE - There were things that drove my price up and I understand that. I wanted all brushed nickel faucets and fixtures and that drove up the price. That included the faucets, hand held shower heads, hand safety rails, one curved shower rod above the tub, and all the trim around and on the shower doors. I understand that Bath Fitter only used Moen or Delta faucets - mostly Moen from what I heard. I especially trust Moen from all the years I've had Moen in my home. Another expensive item was the "Moentrol" faucets which controlled the volume of water that comes out of the faucet and/or showerhead. The "standard" that Bath Fitter uses is the Positemp faucet which, once it's turned on, you get the full blast of whatever your home's water pressure produces. In my area, the water pressure is powerful and I didn't want anyone to get sandblasted when they were taking a shower, thus the Moentrol choice. The brushed nickel Moentrol faucets cost an extra $250 apiece. I checked online and they are very expensive faucets, so I accepted that the additional $250 was fair for what I needed. The final price, $9,700, included the subtraction of the $350 coupons for each bathroom which I got at a home show. I think there was another slight discount, percentage wise, that Jason gave me. With the discounts the price came to that final $9,700. I think anyone considering this should ask Jason about all the possibilities there are for coupons, discounts, paying by credit card or cash, etc. Work with him and he will work with you. I may have been able to do a little better on price if I had kept going, but I didn't. No matter what, I am very happy with what Bath Fitter did and I think I saved a lot of headaches by NOT doing a bathroom remodel with tiling that may have taken several days or a couple of weeks.

FINISHED PRODUCT - I am very happy with the finished product. It looks beautiful and it's "solid". It was done in a professional and timely manner and I believe the products used were quality products. I had concerns about whether or not we would be able to "push in" the wall surround when someone might slip and end up leaning against the wall surround - - the wall surround doesn't push in, it's solidly attached to the wall behind. I had concerns about the safety hand rails not being solid in the wall if someone had to grab on suddenly - - they are definitely "solid" in the wall studs. I had concerns about the final caulking job being less than excellent - - it was excellent. I had concerns about whether there would be a "squish" underfoot when you moved around inside the tub or on the shower base - - that squish is not there, it's solid. I had concerns about leaks after everything was finished - - no leaks at all. I have a "Limited Lifetime Quality Assurance Product Warranty" which I trust Bath Fitter to honor if there is a need for it. It is not transferable but I plan to be here for a long time. I had concerns about wall nicks. There were very few of them and Nate filled them and sanded them ready for me to paint over. I had concerns about the front of the new curved tub meeting the new flooring so it could be caulked properly. Nate worked that out just fine. Nate was a carpenter, an excellent finisher, a certified plumber, and finished everything in the amount of time he said he would. He did a few small extras for me which I appreciated greatly. I asked a lot of questions and got the answers with no surprises at the end. If I had another bathroom, I wouldn't hesitate to have Bath Fitter come back.

George Gonzales from Saint Paul, MN - April 2013

“We were very excited about Bath Fitter as we had heard great things (about the product), Terry Olson (consultant) and Nate (installer) were both outstanding!"

Monica Stephney - April 2013

"Nate was friendly and informative, he answered any and all questions, as was our estimator Terry Olson”

Cheryl and Curt Tatum -  April 2013

"Our installer, J Brannon, was friendly, helpful, his work ethic was flawless, never took a break, was fast and efficient. Our next door neighbors are interested in putting in a shower. They LOVED ours!"

Gloria and Bob Nysveen -  March 2013

"Dave the installer was very personable.  He was meticulous and took pride in his work.  He answered questions of specific concerns.  There was an area of concern on how we preferred to have things completed, he would check with us before progressing.  Overall the product meets our expectations!"

A customer from St Paul - November 2012

"My tub/shower was completed a week ago and I couldn't be more pleased! I have to be honest.  At the last minute I thought, "what am I doing? What if this tub looks like it should be in a mobile home? I LOVE IT! It's beautiful! Jason was the installer and he couldn't of been more polite. And talk about an all-around nice guy! To say nothing of his skills an an installer! I am thrilled with the way my bathroom looks!

Once again, I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am with my new unit! I sometimes stop in the bathroom just to look at it! And friends have been complimentary too. The subway tile looks beautiful and is so in keeping with the age of the building.

And to think it was completed beautifully in less than two days!

Jason finished about 1pm the second day. Feel free to use me as a reference

Thank You!"

Elaine Braaten from Minneapolis, MN - April 2012

"Thanks Dave (installer) for great work. I have known Dave for a short time, he makes me feel like I've known him for years. I know of no one at this time but if someone would ask I would recommend (Bath Fitter MN)".

Carol Nelson from New Richmond, WI - February 2012

"We had multiple scheduling conflicts on our end due to illness. My husband Mike worked with the office manager each time and she was always willing to work out scheduling and to offer suggestions to keep the project timely, moving forward and offering the flexibility we needed.

Nate did a terrific installation, he was on time, set up his work area and worked continuously all day with a beautiful finished product at the end. I was comfortable with him here and the way he communicated with me and explained what he was doing. His answers to my questions and explanations on how to care for the product were excellent".

A customer from Maple Lake

"I just wanted to drop a note and say how impressed I am with every aspect of the Bath Fitter company. My experience from the sales department to scheduling to installation was an ease, the staff were all great to work with and the product is awesome - it has made the bathroom wonderful. I will definitely recommend your product and your people."

A customer from Hastings

"We are very pleased with Bath Fitter.  Dave did an excellent job on the install - very professional and conscientious.  The shower looks beautiful.  We did a lot of research before deciding and this product and price were the best.  Thanks so much for your hard work!"

A customer from Minneapolis

"Dave and Nate, your installers, were on time, friendly, and professional.  Bath Fitter is lucky to have them.  All things considered, your company was one of the best that we've ever dealt with!"

An impressed customer from Minneapolis - August 2012

"Since this was my first experience with Bath Fitter, I was not prepared for the extraordinary job.  On the basis of the well organized and fine installation of walls, doors, shower etc.  I appreciate the very fine effort of the installation made by Dave. He did a wonderful job.  Please also extend to Terry Olson (estimator) my sincere thanks and appreciation!"

A customer from New Richmond, WI

"We spoke to each bath remodeling group at the St Paul Home Show.  At the end, we decided to go back to your rep because we felt hers was the most honest presentation of the product.  Terry made several trips to our home to do the estimation.  On both of his visits he was timely and knowledgeable.  We had multiple scheduling conflicts on our end due to illness with our contractor.  My husband worked with Jaime each time and she was always willing to work out scheduling and to offer suggestions to keep the project timely and moving forward while offering the flexibility we needed.  Nate did a terrific installation.  He was on time, set up his work area and just worked continuously add day with a beautiful finished project at the end.  I was comfortable have him here and with the way he communicated with me and explained what he was doing.  His answers to my questions and explanations on care of the product were excellent."

Denny LeVaseur, Master Plumber of 50 years, Twin Cities Metro

"I have refer my customers to the Bath Fitter product, even my neighbor has one, and everyone went away happy!"

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